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News is what the News Channels rarely broadcast-


The root cause of the problem is that the news providers – TV news channels and print or electronic media — seem to be taking sides instead of reporting the news. On the other hand, news gatherers – reporters and anchors have to take sides — to satisfy the owners of the media houses.

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By Col (Retd) Shiv Om Rana

I have been thinking for some time about the growing number of ridiculous, inane, and otherwise nonsensical absurdities that fill the daily TV news channels and print or electronic media.

 Wondering if it was just me….

 I think we started to simply accept them without much thought and the news media grew on to them.

 The absurdity of this uncontrolled media is showing in the nation’s psyche. And if I may say so, the phenomenon is worldwide. The space for “Centre – thinking” seems to be shrinking fast in all countries and not only in India. Trumpism started it openly, BREXIT followed it and now it has started to open and spread in many parts of the globe – Germany, France, Scandinavian countries, Spain and so on.

 The absurdity when becomes disrupter is when it really becomes a point of concern. Disrupters have found many ways to convince and attract people in all walks of life. I have been the victim of this disruption in thinking for many months, maybe more than a year now. And therefore I have avoided writing anything lest my feelings show up in my words.


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