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India’s loss is foreign varsities gain


Many Indian students who are unable to find a course of their choice at Delhi University, are going abroad to pursue their graduation in the US.


By Shweta Sharma


Unable to find a course of his choice at Delhi University, Ankit Khullar, 27, decided to pursue his graduation from the US. Armed with a degree in finance, he returned to India for his masters. But after “two wasteful years”, he returned to the US for further studies.


“The primary reason (to go back to the US) was the low perceived quality of education offered in India and my interactions with graduates from various universities. The idea was not just to attain a degree, but to learn,” Khullar told IANS.


He added that the courses being offered in the MBA programmes lay emphasis on subjects he had either already covered as a part of his bachelor’s degree or were “outdated” as compared to those offered in the US.


Like him, many Indian students are opting to study at international varsities owing to better living environment, high-quality teaching and the opportunity to receive world class education. While the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Australia and Singapore are the most favoured destinations, Indian students are now also exploring other countries such as Sweden, Italy and Ireland.


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